Wearable Technologies Workshop
April 23 & 24
NASA Johnson Space Center

Are you developing Wearable Technologies?

Are you looking for Wearable Technologies solutions or partners?

The Technology Collaboration Center will hold a two day workshop on Wearable Technologies on April 23 & 24, 2018, hosted by NASA at the Johnson Space Center, Houston.

This event will bring together organizations needing or developing new wearable technologies, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships.

April 23 - Challenge Day

13 real-world challenges have been submitted by NASA Johnson Space Center, KBRWyle, Kimberly-Clark and Red Wing Shoes.  21 university student and startup teams will present their proof-of-concept prototypes.

April 24 - Presentation Day

There will be presentations on the latest wearable technology developments or unmet challenges related to wearables.

If your organization is interested in wearable technologies, please visit the TCC’s website to register for the workshop, or to request an opportunity to make a presentation.

Registrations are now closed for this workshop.

Details on the workshop, including the agenda, presenters, and workshop location will be provided to registered attendees.

Information on workshop sponsorships is below.

Challenge Team Assignments



NASA Johnson Space Center:

Red Wing Shoes

Preliminary Agenda

April 23: Challenge Day
  8:00  Networking Breakfast
  8:30  Welcome & Announcements
  8:45  Challenge Team Presentations
10:15  Networking Break
10:30  Challenge Team Presentations
12:00  Lunch
12:30  Challenge Team Showcase
  2:00  NASA & Industry Speakers
  4:00  Adjourn

April 24: Presentation Day
  8:00  Networking Breakfast
  8:30  Welcome & Announcements
  8:45  Presentation Panel Session 1
10:15  Networking Break
10:30  Presentation Panel Session 2
12:00  Lunch
12:30  TCC Overview
12:45  Presentation Panel Session 3
  2:15  Networking Break
  2:30  Presentation Panel Session 4
  4:00  Adjourn

Scheduled Presentations (as of April 4)

April 23 (Challenge program):

  • NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):
    • Exercise and Environmental Wearable Possibilities on ISS
    • Spacesuits to Smartwatches: Wearable User Interfaces at NASA
    • Technical Challenges for Deep Space Exploration
  • Rice University (TCC Member):
    • Applying Deep Space Exploration Challenges for Terrestrial Applications

April 24 (Presentation program):

  • ABG Tag & Traq:
    • AllTraq Geo-Tracking and Remote Sensing for High Value Critical Assets
  • Aexa Aerospace (TCC Member):
    • XR Technology for Training
  • Baylor College of Medicine (TCC Member):
    • Using Wearables and Virtual Reality for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s
    • Wearable Sensors to Evaluate Perioperative Decision in Frail Older Adults
  • Blumio (Challenge Team):
    • Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring with Novel, Wearable RF-Based Sensor
  • Florida Polytechnic University:
    • Smart Sensory Skin (S3) Technology
  • Isansys LifeCare:
    • Wearable Real-Time Vital Sign Monitoring Systems
  • KBRWyle/NASA JSC (TCC Member):
    • Assessing Torso Shape and Posture Variation with Flexible Strain Sensors
    • Improving Balance function by Enhancing Signals from the Inner Ear
  • NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):
    • Multi-sensor Spacecraft Crew Device in a Smart Watch Form Factor
    • Quick Path to Deep Space for Commercial Interfaces: Challenges & Opportunities
    • Spacecraft Operational Considerations for Human Performance and Wearables
  • Oceaneering/NSAS JSC:
    • NASA - JSC Wearable Robotic Technologies
  • Rice University (TCC Member):
    • Carbon Nanotubes are the New Black
    • Wearable Imaging for Health and Wellness
  • Sencetech (Challenge Team):
    • 4 Vital Signs from 1 Wrist with Remote Monitoring & Risk Assessment Platform
  • Somatic Labs (Challenge Team):
    • Designing a Future Without Screens
  • Texas A&M University (TCC Member):
    • Integrated Photonic Chips for Real-Time Gas &  Chemical Detection
    • Wearable Physiological Sensors for Precision Medicine (Challenge Team)
  • Texas A&M - Corpus Christi (TCC Member):
    • Wearable Robotic Modules for Exercising and Maintaining Functional Fitness Levels
  • University of Houston (TCC Member):
    • Soft and Wearable Electronics for Human and Machines
  • University of Minnesota:
    • Garment-Integrated Sensing & Actuation: Technology & Systems Development
  • University of Texas at Austin:
    • Exploring Applications of E-Tattoos in the Marketplace
    • The Most Intimate and Imperceptible Wearables - the E-Tattoos
  • Wootz:
    • Lightweight Carbon Nanotube Wire Antennas for Wearable Electronics
  • ZetrOZ:
    • Wearable Sustained Acoustic Medicine Devices for Tissue Repair, Drug Delivery and Pain Management

Only a few presentation slots are available.  If you are interested in making a presentation, please register soon, before all slots are filled.

Workshop Sponsorships

Workshop sponsors are provided recognition at the workshop, on the TCC's website and in the TCC's marketing materials.  Four sponsorship levels are available:

  • Diamond [$2,000]:  sponsor for the entire workshop.  Workshop marketing will indicate the workshop is "sponsored by ..." and can participate in the Welcome Remarks for both days of the workshop.  May have a banner, table and/or materials at the registration desk during the entire workshop, and will receive 4 complimentary full workshop tickets.
  • Platinum [$1,500]:  sponsor for lunch on one day; can make brief remarks prior to the lunch break.  May have a banner, table and/or materials at the registration desk on that day, and will receive 3 complimentary full workshop tickets.
  • Gold [$1,000]:  sponsor for the breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks on one day.  May have a banner, table and/or materials at the registration desk on that day, and will receive 2 complimentary full workshop tickets.
  • Silver [$500]:  sponsor for a single morning or afternoon break.  May have materials at the registration desk on that day, and will receive 1 complimentary full workshop ticket.

Please contact the TCC for more information on sponsorships.  Sponsorships can be purchased through the TCC's online store.

Workshop Program Committee (*=TCC member):

  • Mike Goodfriend, Goodfriend Consulting*
  • Michelle Gonzales, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Diane Byerly, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Chris Culbert, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Cory Simon, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Linda Ham, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Dan Carson, Rice University*
  • Marie-Nathalie Contou-Carrere, Rice University*
  • Sudhir Pai, Schlumberger*
  • Jose Baca, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi*