New Interactive Virtual Workshops

In light of COVID-19 pandemic, TCC has temporarily transitioned to highly interactive virtual workshops.  We are currently rescheduling the postponed Imaging and Wearable Technologies Workshops with new topic areas to come later in the year.

Items marked with an asterisk(*) are required.

Workshop Registration

Click here for the list of current TCC members. Members are eligible for a 50% discount on workshop tickets (until a few days prior to a workshop).

At TCC workshops, the TCC will highlight open Collaboration Requests in the topic area covered by the workshop. If you have an unmet technology challenge related to the workshop's topic area, please consider submitting a Collaboration Request. The TCC will highlight the request at the workshop and on the TCC's website. TCC program fees will be waived for requests submitted in conjunction with the workshop.
At the workshop, the TCC will provide a handout with the list of attendee contacts (name, organization, e-mail). This is being provided to help facilitate post-workshop communications about potential partnerships. The attendee list will not be provided electronically and will not be posted on the TCC's website - it will only be provided in hardcopy to workshop attendees, on the day of the workshop.

After submitting your registration form, unless you are a NASA JSC Civil Servant, you must purchase your ticket in order to complete your workshop registration.  A link to the TCC's online store will be provided on the confirmation page.

The agenda and details on the specific workshop location will be provided only to registered attendees prior to the workshop.

NOTE that the TCC and/or the organization hosting the workshop may take photographs during the event.  By registering for this workshop, you are giving your permission for the TCC and hosting organization to take photographs and use those photographs in relation to this workshop.