Telemedicine Workshop - May 8, 2014
Trevisio, Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX

This workshop was part of the JSC Connect event series organized through a partnership between the NASA Johnson Space Center, Texas Emerging Technology Fund, Gulf Coast Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization, and Houston Technology Center.

This event brought together a cross-sector audience, with presentations on the latest advances and unmet challenges, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships.

8:00  Networking Breakfast
8:30  Welcome
8:50  Presentation Panel Session
10:10  Networking Break
10:30  Presentation Panel Session
12:00  Lunch
12:30  Presentation Panel Session
2:00  Adjourn


  Chad Brinkley: Center of the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)

HygeiaTel & University of Texas at Dallas:
  Gopal Gupta: Intelligent Care Management System

MDA Space Systems:
  Tim Fielding: Medical Product Development

NASA Johnson Space Center:
  Stephanie Duncan: Miniature Exercise Device Overview
David Fitts: Open Collaboration and Innovation
Chatwin Lansdowne: Disruption Tolerant Networking
Yolanda Marshall: JSC - Crafting our Future
Brian Schwing: Telepresence for Deep Space Applications under Time Delay
Lui Wang: Electronic and Augmented Reality Procedure Technology

University of Houston:
  Marc Garbey: Agile Development of a Smart Operating Room for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Vesalius Ventures:
  Bernard Harris: New Ventures in Telemedicine

  Shannon Melton: Tele-Ultrasound on the International Space Station