Knowledge Management Workshop - June 9, 2015
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

The Knowledge Management Technologies event was hosted by NASA’s Johnson Space Center on June 9, 2015, and was sponsored by SGT. This was an opportunity for users and developers of knowledge management systems to discuss lessons-learned, share open-source software, and explore opportunities for collaborative development agreements to improve knowledge management tools. This included extensions for MediaWiki, SharePoint, and other wiki platforms.

  7:30  Networking Breakfast
  8:00  Welcome
  8:15  Transforming an Enterprise Culture to the Wiki Way
  9:00  NASA Strategy for Critical Data Visibility through
            Knowledge Management
  9:45  Break
10:00  Technology Collaboration Center of Houston Overview
10:15  Experiences in Developing an Agile Knowledge Environment at SGT
10:45  Wiki Accountability & Culture Shift
11:30  Introduction to “The Perfect KM Solution?”
11:45  Lunch, provided by SGT
12:30  The Perfect KM Solution? – breakout session
  1:00  The Perfect KM Solution? – group-led discussion
  1:30  Data Organization
  2:00  Break
  2:15  parallel presentations
              Software Development Collaborations & Crowd Sourcing
              History of the ExtraVehicular Activity (EVA) Wiki
  3:00  Accelerating Development of a Knowledge Sharing Program
  3:45  Semantic MediaWiki Demo & Closing Remarks
  4:00  Adjourn