Air Quality Technologies Workshop - March 26, 2015
Houston Technology Center, Houston, TX

This event included presentations and panel discussions on new innovations and challenges in Air Quality technologies and opportunities for new partnerships.  Presentations were from experts representing the space, energy and medicine communities, across industry, academia and government.

This was the first event held by the TCC, a continuation of the JSC Connect event series previously organized through a partnership of the Houston Technology Center, Gulf Coast Regional Center of Innovation & Commercialization (RCIC), Texas Emerging Technology Fund and NASA Johnson Space Center.  Five JSC Connect events were held on water quality & purification, robotics, telemedicine, RFID, and batteries.

This workshop was sponsored by the Houston Technology Center.


  8:00  Networking Breakfast
  8:30  Welcome
  8:45  Presentation Panel Session
10:15  Networking Break
10:30  TCC Overview
10:45  Presentation Panel Session
12:15  Lunch
  1:00  Presentation Panel Session
  2:30  Adjourn


Baker Hughes (TCC Member):
  Grid Powered Pumping Units, an Impactful CO2 Reduction Process 

Battelle (TCC Member):
  Air Quality Technology Assessments and Application
  Air Sampling Method Development and Evaluation

Houston Advanced Research Center:
  Solar Occultation Flux 

  High Performance Real Time Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitor 

NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):
  Environmental Health in Manned Spacecraft
  Innovative Air Conditioning and Climate Control 
  NASA Developments in Personal Protective Equipment 

  NASA’s New Capabilities for Air Purification
  Single Channel Radiation Detection Circuit

Rebellion Photonics:
  Gas Cloud Imaging Technology

Rice University (TCC Member):
  New Spectroscopic Techniques for Trace Gas Measurements
  Understanding Temporal and Spatial Variability of Ozone in Houston
, with University of Houston (TCC Member)

Shell (TCC Member):
  Air Quality Challenges in the Energy Industry 

  Indoor Air Purification Technology

Wyle (TCC Member):
  Air Quality Monitor on the International Space Station, with NASA JSC (TCC Member) 
  Multi-Gas Monitor
, with NASA JSC (TCC Member) and Vista Photonics 
  Portable Leak Detector
, with NASA JSC (TCC Member)