Wearable Technologies Workshop
April 29 & 30, 2019

hosted by the NASA Johnson Space Center

The Technology Collaboration Center held a two day workshop on Wearable Technologies on April 29 & 30, 2019, hosted by NASA Johnson Space Center.

This event brought together organizations needing or developing new wearable technologies, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships.

April 29 - Challenge Day

The first day of the workshop was for the Challenge Program.  16 university student teams demonstrated proof-of-concept prototypes for 8 challenges, submitted by the NASA Johnson Space Center, Patagonia, VF Corporation and VINSS.

08:00   Networking Breakfast
08:30   Welcome & Announcements
08:45   Challenge Team Presentations
10:15   Networking Break
10:30   Challenge Team Presentations
12:00   Lunch
12:30   Challenge Team Showcase
02:00   NASA Keynote Presentations
04:00   Adjourn

April 30 - Presentation Day

08:00  Networking Breakfast
08:30  Welcome & Announcements
08:45  Presentation Panel Session
10:15  Networking Break
10:30  Presentation Panel Session
12:15  Lunch
12:45  TCC Overview & Collaboration Opportunities
01:00  Presentation Panel Session
02:30  Adjourn

Presentations (click on presentation title to download presentation):

Aexa Aerospace (TCC Member):
 Fernando De La Peña: Holowizard 2.0   video

Apex Mills:
 Stephanie Rodgers: Functional Fabric Development - Knitting Prototype to Production

Drexel University:
 Genevieve Dion: Advanced Manufacturing of Garment Devices

Ecolab/Nalco Champion (TCC Member):
 Chris Lancaster: Bridges & Gaps in Wearable Applications for Chemical Manufacturing

imec USA (TCC Member):
 Bert Gyselinckx: From Wearables to Ingestibles: It's Time to Eat the Sensor

 Chris Jorgensen: How the Wearable Technologies Ecosystem Is Addressing Reliability Through Industry Standards

Jasna Rok:
 Jasna Rokegem: Wearables on the Intersection of Fashion & Technology

KBR (TCC Member):
 Jocelyn Dunn (NASA JSC): Wearables for Physical & Cognitive Measures

NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):
 Jonathan Abary & Nicholas Schleif: NASA Pathways Co-Op Program
 Justin Bautista: Wearable Technology Development at JSC
 Cody Burkhart: Developing Immersive, Intelligent, Bio-Feedback Exercise Systems
 Kamlesh Lulla: Plans for the ISS, Lunar Gateway & Moon
 Ben Peters: Space Suit Evolution
 Veronica Seyl: Internships & Application Process
 Jerri Stephenson: Eye Tracking & fNIRS for eProc Performance Assessments

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (TCC Member):
 Curtis Hill: NASA In Space Manufacturing Flexible Sensors Development

 Wilfried Blair: Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Human Health Monitoring Systems for Critical Environments

University of Central Florida:
 Kaitlyn Crawford: Monitoring Thermal Transport Properties of Human Skin & Related Challenges in Microgravity

University of Houston (TCC Member):
 Rose Faghih: Wearable Brain Machine Interface Architectures for Cognitive Stress

UT Health Science Center at Houston:
 Joanne Hickey & Constance Johnson: Using Smart Technology to Age in Place

Workshop Program Committee (*=TCC member)

  • Jose Baca, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi*
  • Esther Beltran*, University of Central Florida
  • Genie Bopp, KBR*
  • Diane Byerly, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Dan Carson, Rice*
  • Marie Contou-Carrere, Rice*
  • Stuart Corr, Baylor College of Medicine*
  • Chris Culbert, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Pavel Dutta, University of Houston*
  • Keith Gawrys, Ecolab*
  • Mike Goodfriend*, Goodfriend Consulting
  • Mary Hakam, KBR*
  • Gahangir Hossain, Texas A&M-Kingsville*
  • Roozbeh Jafari, Texas A&M*
  • Pao-Tai Lin, Texas A&M*
  • Andy Mai, Ecolab*
  • Sudhir Pai, Schlumberger*
  • Nicholas Schleif, NASA JSC*
  • Cory Simon, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Jerri Stephenson, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Emmanuel Urquieta, Baylor College of Medicine*
  • Gordon Vos, KBR*
  • Susi Zanello, imec