Wearable Technologies Workshop
April 23 & 24
NASA Johnson Space Center

The Technology Collaboration Center held a two day workshop on Wearable Technologies on April 23 & 24, 2018, hosted by NASA at the Johnson Space Center, Houston.

This event brought together organizations needing or developing new wearable technologies, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships.

April 23 - Challenge Day

13 real-world challenges were submitted by NASA Johnson Space Center, KBRWyle, Kimberly-Clark and Red Wing Shoes.  21 university student and startup teams presented their proof-of-concept prototypes.

08:00 Networking Breakfast & Registration
08:30 Welcome & Announcements
8:45 Challenge Team Presentations - Session 1
10:15 Networking Break
10:30 Challenge Team Presentations - Session 2
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Challenge Team Showcase
02:00 Wearable Technologies - NASA & Terrestrial Applications
04:00 Adjourn

April 24 - Presentation Day

There were presentations on the latest wearable technology developments or unmet challenges related to wearables.

08:00 Networking Breakfast & Registration
08:30 Welcome & Announcements
08:45 Presentation Panel Session 1
10:15 Networking Break
10:30 Presentation Panel Session 2
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Technology Collaboration Center Overview
12:45 Presentation Panel Session 3
02:15 Networking Break
02:30 Presentation Panel Session 4
04:00 Adjourn


Presentations (click on presentation title to download presentation):

ABG Tag & Traq:
  Scott Hartwig:  AllTraq Wearable Technology Applications

Aexa Aerospace (TCC Member):
  Kristen Todd:  Mixed Reality Applications for Training and Operations Assistance

Baylor College of Medicine (TCC Member):
  Bijan Najafi:  Using Wearables and Virtual Reality to Monitor Cognitive
  Hung Nguyen:  Improving Perioperative Surgical Decision Making by Assessing Frailty

Blumio (Challenge Team):
  Catherine Liao:  Enabling Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring with a Novel, Wearable RF-Based Sensor

Florida Polytechnic University:
  Arman Sargolzaei:  Smart Sensory Skin (S3) Technology

  Anupam Sengupta:  Guardhat: A Smart Hardhat for Workers' Safety

Isansys Lifecare:
  Joe Swantack:  The Digital Future of Patient Monitoring

KBRWyle (TCC Member):
  Ajit Mulavara:  Improving Early Adaptation Following Long Duration Spaceflight by Enhancing Vestibular Information
  Linh Vu:  Assessing Torso Shape and Posture Variation with Flexible Strain Sensors

NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):
  Justin Bautista:  Rapid Development of Wearable Technology at JSC
  Chris Culbert:  Space Exploration: Technology Drives Innovation For the Benefit of All
  Chris Gerty:  Spacesuits to Smartwatches: Wearable User Interfaces for NASA
  Andrea Hanson:  Operational Considerations for Human Performance and Wearable Technologies Used During Spaceflight
  Kate Rubins:  Laboratory, Exercise, and Environmental Wearables on ISS

  Christopher Beck:  NASA - JSC Wearable Robotic Technologies

Rice University (TCC Member):
  David Alexander:  Applying Space Exploration Challenges for Terrestrial Applications
  Mayank Kumar:  Wearable Imaging for Health and Wellness
  Lauren Taylor:  Carbon Nanotubes are the New Black

  Pulin Wnag:  Exploring Applications of E-Tattoos in the Marketplace

Sencetech (Challenge Team):
  Irene Brinker:  SenceBand Medical - 4 Vital Signs from One Wrist

Somatic Labs (Challenge Team):
  Shantanu Bala:  A Future Without Screens

Texas A&M University (TCC Member):
  Roozbeh Jafari (Challenge Team):  Wearable Physiological Sensors for Precision Medicine
  Paotai Lin:  Real-Time and Label-Free Biochemical Sensing Using “Wearable” Mid-Infrared Photonic Circuits

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi (TCC Member):
  Jose Baca:  Wearable Robotic Modules for Exercising and Maintaining Functional Fitness Levels

University of Houston (TCC Member):
  Anish Thukral:  Soft and Wearable Electronics for Human and Machines

University of Minnesota:
  Brad Holschuh:  Garment-Integrated Sensing & Actuation: Technology & Systems Development

University of Texas at Austin:
  Nanshu Lu:  Electronic Tattoos - The Most Intimate and Imperceptible Wearables

  Amram Bengio:  Lightweight Carbon Nanotube Wire Antennas for Wearable Electronics

  George Lewis:  Wearable Sustained Acoustic Medicine Devices for Tissue Repair, Drug Delivery and Pain Management  


Workshop Program Committee (*=TCC member):

  • Mike Goodfriend, Goodfriend Consulting*
  • Michelle Gonzales, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Diane Byerly, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Chris Culbert, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Cory Simon, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Linda Ham, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Dan Carson, Rice University*
  • Marie-Nathalie Contou-Carrere, Rice University*
  • Sudhir Pai, Schlumberger*
  • Jose Baca, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi*