Precision Medicine Workshop
September 25 & 26

hosted by the NASA Johnson Space Center

Are you developing precision medicine technologies or solutions?
Are you looking for precision medicine-related solutions or collaboration partners?

The Technology Collaboration Center will hold a workshop on Precision Medicine on September 25 & 26, 2018, hosted by the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, with presentations on the latest technology developments or unmet challenges, related to precision medicine and applications.

If your organization is interested in precision medicine, please visit the TCC’s website to register for the workshop, or to request an opportunity to make a presentation.

Tickets for the workshop are $200 for both days, or $100 for one day.  TCC Members get a 50% discount.  TCC Individual Memberships can be purchased for $200, which includes a ticket to both days of the workshop and discounts on TCC workshops for the next year.

Details on the workshop, including the agenda, presenters, and workshop location will be provided to registered attendees.

The TCC is also now accepting Collaboration Requests related to precision medicine. Requests submitted in conjunction with the workshop will be highlighted at the workshop and on the TCC’s website. The TCC waives Collaboration Concierge Service program fees for requests submitted in conjunction with a workshop.

Please contact the TCC about submitting a Collaboration Request or for workshop sponsorship opportunities.


Precision Medicine

  8:00  Networking Breakfast
  8:15  Welcome & Announcements
  8:30  Precision Medicine Panel
10:10  Networking Break
10:30  NASA Precision Medicine Goals & Challenges Panel
11:45  Lunch
12:20  TCC Overview
12:30  Pharmacogenomics Panel
  2:20  Networking Break
  2:40  National Institutes of Health Presentation
  3:15  Breakout Discussion Session
  4:00  Adjourn
   Tour of NASA JSC Building 21 (optional)


Precision Medicine Applications

  8:00  Networking Breakfast
  8:15  Welcome & Announcements
  8:30  Application of Omics & Ethics Panel
10:30  Networking Break
10:50  Policy Panel
11:30  Lunch
12:15  Microbiome & Nutritional Genomics Panel
  2:30  Adjourn

Workshop Sponsorships

Workshop sponsors are provided recognition at the workshop, on the TCC's website and in the TCC's marketing materials.  Four sponsorship levels are available:

  • Diamond [$2,000]:  sponsor for the entire workshop.  Workshop marketing will indicate the workshop is "sponsored by ..." and can participate in the Welcome Remarks at the workshop.  May have a banner, table and/or materials at the registration desk during the entire workshop, and will receive 4 complimentary workshop tickets.
  • Platinum [$1,500]:  sponsor for lunch; can make brief remarks prior to the lunch break.  May have a banner, table and/or materials at the registration desk on that day, and will receive 3 complimentary workshop tickets.
  • Gold [$1,000]:  sponsor for the breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks.  May have a banner, table and/or materials at the registration desk, and will receive 2 complimentary workshop tickets.
  • Silver [$500]:  sponsor for a single morning or afternoon break.  May have materials at the registration desk, and will receive 1 complimentary full workshop ticket.

Please contact the TCC for more information on sponsorships.  Sponsorships can be purchased through the TCC's online store.


Workshop Program Committee (*=TCC member):

  • Tina Bayuse, KBRWyle*
  • Penelope Bonnen, Baylor College of Medicine*
  • Genie Bopp, KBRWyle*
  • Diane Byerly, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Dan Carson, Rice University*
  • Paul Cherukuri, Rice University*
  • Marisa Covington, KBRWyle* (program committee chair)
  • Dorit Donoviel, Baylor College of Medicine*
  • Michelle Gonzales, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Chris Haas, UTMB
  • Roozbeh Jafari, Texas A&M*
  • Antony Jeevarajan, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Rebekah Reed, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Kate Rubins, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Emmanuel Urquieta, Baylor College of Medicine*
  • Liz Warren, CASIS*
  • Sarah Wallace, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Susi Zanello, KBRWyle*