Data Analytics Workshop
August 21, 2019

hosted by Rice University

The Technology Collaboration Center held a workshop on Data Analytics, hosted by Rice University in Houston, on Wednesday, August 21, with presentations on the latest technology developments or unmet challenges across multiple technology sectors.

TCC workshops are designed to explore potential relationships with others attending the workshop that may have common interests in the workshop topic area.


  •   8:00  Networking Breakfast
  •   8:30  Welcome & Announcements
  •   8:45  Presentation Panel
  • 10:05  Networking Break
  • 10:25  Presentation Panel
  • 11:45  Lunch
  • 12:30  Presentation Panel
  •   1:55  Networking Break
  • 2:15  Presentation Panel
  •   3:30  Adjourn

Presentations (click on presentation title to download presentation):

Program Committee Co-Chairs:
Sukumar Pattnaik, Ecolab (TCC Member) & Susan Steinberg, KBR (TCC Member):  Overview

Dingzhou Cao: Machine Learning for Real-Time Drilling & Real-Time Completion

Aviar Technology:
James Mireles: STRING VisualizeR – Force-Directed Graph / Network Node Analysis

Baylor College of Medicine (TCC Member):
Rob Reynolds: Unsupervised Machine Learning

Miguel Saldana:  Data Analytics for Drilling Engineering in Oil & Gas

Ecolab (TCC Member):
Stefanie Hlidreth: Connected Assets: Predict Performance, Prolong Asset Life, Optimize Total Cost of Operations

Enaxis Consulting:
John Rowe: The Challenges of Building a Data-Driven Organization

Harvard Medical School:
Robert Kitchen: Integrative Data Analysis for High-Throughput Genomics:
   Applications to Diagnostics & Liquid Biopsy

Houston Methodist Cancer Center:
Stephen Wong: Deep Learning in Reducing Overdiagnosis, Overtreatment & Misdiagnosis

Imec USA (TCC Member):
Gonzalo Vaca-Castano: Opportunities & Challenges using Computer Vision

Joyce Ferreira:  Lessons Learned & a Practical Approach to Deliver Value to Operations from Digital in O&G

KBR (TCC Member):
Mary Wear: Information Management Platform for AnaLytics & Aggregation
Jennifer Mindock: Model-Based Systems Engineering

Mercury Data Science:
Angela Wilkins: Topic Discovery & the Internet:  A Big Data Case Study

Sopheap Meas: Anomaly Detection on Well Construction Costs
Gary Young: Plotly Dash - Delivering Data Science with Analytical Web Apps

Rice University (TCC Member):
Akane Sano: Multi-Modal Data Analysis & Modeling for Health, Wellbeing & Performance
Meng Li: Statisticians & Their Friends

Shell (TCC Member):
Yu Liu: Mining & Preparation of Numeric, Text, & Video Data for Drilling Operation
Doug Zimpfer:  Perspectives of Data Analytics for Oil & Gas

Texas A&M University (TCC Member):
Nick Duffield: Filling the Gaps in High-Resolution Soil Moisture Data using Spatial/Temporal Machine Learning

University of Houston (TCC Member):
Martin Huarte-Espinosa: Data Visualization using ParaView
Hien Nguyen: Learning with Less Data

University of Pittsburgh:
Bert Gough: Development of the MPS-Db for Sharing and Analyzing Data from Human Organ Models

Valhalla Healthcare:
Alexeis Baqui & John Chen: Less Documenting, More Doctoring


Workshop Program Committee (*=TCC member)

  • Sukumar Pattnaik, Ecolab* - Co-Chair
  • Susan Steinberg, KBR* - Co-Chair
  • Justin Bautista, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Marie Contou-Carrere, Rice University*
  • Alan Cooper*, Cooper Consulting
  • Sam Evetts, Ecolab*
  • Linda Ham, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Gahangir Hossain, Texas A&M-Kingsville*
  • Kent Kalogera, KBR*
  • David Kelldorf, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Thomas Lu, Ecolab*
  • Andy Mai, Ecolab*
  • Rohit Mital, KBR*
  • Andrew Peterman, Baylor College of Medicine*
  • Rob Reynolds, Baylor College of Medicine*
  • Carolina Rio, Shell*
  • Susi Zanello, imec USA*