Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Workshop
May 22
hosted by Schlumberger

The Technology Collaboration Center held a workshop on Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality on May 22, 2018, hosted by Schlumberger in Houston, with presentations on the latest AR/VR technology developments or unmet challenges.  There was also a session with a group discussion on common challenges, to explore shared interests among attendees.

This event brought together organizations needing or developing AR/VR technologies, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships.


08:00  Networking Breakfast
08:30  Welcome & Announcements
08:45  Presentation Panel Session 1
10:30  Networking Break
10:45  Presentation Panel Session 2
12:30  Lunch
01:00  TCC Overview
01:15  Presentation Panel Session 3
03:00  Common Challenges Discussion
04:00  Adjourn

Presentations (click on presentation title to download presentation):

3D at Depth:
  Neil Manning:  The Power of a 3D Immersive Data Set in an Unknown World

Aexa Aerospace (TCC Member):
  Fernando De La Peña: Holowizard

Amodo Technologies:
  Joowon Kim:  VR/AR in Healthcare: Navigating Challenges and Avoiding Pitfalls

  Sergio Navarro:  Bridging the Gaps in Rehab Medicine with AR

  Jeff Hoblit:  Dynamic Onboard Ubiquitous Graphics VR Applications and Onboard VR Trainer

Core Simulations:
  Jonathan Avila:  Medical VR: Industry Analysis and Applications

EON Reality:
  Joe Cheben:  VR and AR for Industry

Electric Power Research Institute:
  Micah Tinklepaugh:  Reality Research at EPRI

KBRWyle (TCC Member):
  Marissa Rosenberg:  Training Astronauts to Ignore Reality Using Virtual Reality

Leader Drilling International:
  Mark Hutchinson (TCC Member):  Simulating Drilling with Big Data

METECS (TCC Member):
  John Maclean:  VR Training for Familiarization and Safety

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (TCC Member):
 Victor Luo:  Augmenting Space Exploration

NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):
  Matthew Noyes:  NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab
  Eddie Paddock:  JSC VR Lab’s XR Technologies Overview: International Space Station & Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway

  Lui Wang:  Augmented Reality Applications for Human Space Exploration & Operations

Neuro Rehab VR:
  Veena Somareddy:  Introducing the Next Generation of Rehabilitation

  Marc Schuetz:  Scaling AR Across the Enterprise

Revision Military (TCC Member):
  Chris Palmer:  Technology Approaches to Enhanced Perception

  Chris Waller: Design, Rehearse, and Validate Your Missions – All from the Safety of Your Office!

  William Buras:  Autonomous Medical Devices using an Intelligent AR User Interface

  Matt Kirk:  Out of the Darkness: AR for Subsea Operations

Workshop Program Committee (*=TCC member):

  • Micah Tinklepaugh, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Mark Cramer, KBRWyle*
  • Canaan Martin, KBRWyle*
  • James R (Jake) Mireles, KBRWyle*
  • Linda Ham, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Eddie Paddock, NASA Johnson Space Center*
  • Sudhir Pai, Schlumberger*
  • Ian Griffiths, SMD
  • Jose Baca, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi*
  • Pavel Dutta, University of Houston*