Wearable Technologies Workshop
April 27-28 2020

hosted by the NASA Johnson Space Center

The Technology Collaboration Center is planning to hold a 2 day Wearable Technologies Workshop on April 27 & 28, 2020, hosted by NASA Johnson Space Center, using a format similar to the TCC's 2018 and 2019 Wearable Technologies Workshops.

The first day will have the Challenge Program, when university student teams demonstrate proof-of-concept prototypes developed to address challenges posted by NASA and other organizations.

To help plan for the workshop, if you are a university interested in sending one or more challenge teams, please complete the form on this page and indicate how many teams you would likely send to the Challenge Day next April.

The deadline for university registration has been extended until Friday, January 10, or until universities have registered enough teams to utilize all of the available challenge team slots.

Universities can request assignment of their teams to specific challenges starting on January 6.

The second day will have a TCC technology workshop with cross-sector presentations on the latest technology advances and unmet challenges related to wearable technologies.

Please contact the TCC if your organization is interested in submitting a challenge or consider volunteering for the Program Committee to help plan the 2020 workshop.


Wearable Technology Challenges
(remaining available challenge team slots)

Challenge Program Schedule:

  • January 31:  Deadline for submitting Challenge Team Assignment Request
  • February 4:  TCC announces Challenge Team assignments
  • April 27:  Challenge Day, first day of the TCC’s 2 day Wearable Technologies Workshop – required attendance by Challenge Contact (or alternate) and representative(s) of the Challenge Teams

Challenge Submission

Organizations with unmet Wearable Technologies needs use this form to submit a request for their Challenge to be included in this program.  To participate, organizations must assign a Challenge Contact who will be responsible for providing support and assistance to the Teams assigned to their Challenge, and the Challenge Contact (or alternate) must attend the Challenge Day on April 27, at the NASA Johnson Space Center, to review the results of the Team’s project.  You have the option to accept up to 5 Teams to work on your Challenge.

While not required, you may provide funding and/or resources (hardware, software, materials, …) to each Team to help them in developing their POC prototypes.  Funding may also help teams located outside of the Houston area travel to the workshop.  Arrangements must be made directly with the Challenge Teams; not through the TCC.

The results of the Team projects and intellectual property are the property of the Team, and not the organization submitting the Challenge, unless the Team agrees to a transfer.  Those arrangements will be your responsibility – the TCC will not be a party for any agreements.  Any information provided to the TCC or presented at the TCC’s workshop will be considered as non-confidential.

Please complete this form, and send the Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) version of this document to events@techcollaboration.center.  The TCC will post the information you provide (except for the contact information) on the TCC’s website.

NOTE - the deadline for submitting Challenge Requests was January 10.  However, until all student teams have been assigned, the TCC will continue to accept new requests, and make that available to the remaining teams that have not yet been assigned a challenge.

University Registration
indicating a university plans to register teams

Registered Universities
(projected # of teams)

  • Iowa State University - 1
  • Pratt Institute - 4
  • San Jacinto College - 3
  • Texas A&M University - 1
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks - 1
  • University of Houston - 3
  • University of Minnesota - 6
  • University of South Florida - 4
  • Virginia Tech - 5

Team Registration
requesting team assignments to challenges

Have you read the Challenge document for the selected Challenge(s) and understand the plans for the challenge (including funding and use of the results)?

Challenge Team Questions
to help teams decide which challenge(s) to select

Your question will be forwarded to the Challenge owner for a response.