Automation, AI & Robotics

March 27 & 28

NASA Johnson Space Center


Exploration EVA

July 25

NASA Johnson Space Center



September or November (preliminary)

Connected Devices & Remote Sensing

April 16

hosted by Ecolab

Sugar Land, TX

Data Analytics

August 21
Rice University

Climate Change/CO2 Reduction

March 2020 (preliminary)

Wearable Technologies

April 29 & 30

NASA Johnson Space Center


Water Quality & Purification

Sugar Land

Wearable Technologies

April 2020 (preliminary)

Previous Workshops

After a workshop is held, the TCC will post the agenda and approved presentations to the TCC website.

Workshop Committees

The TCC has 5 standing Workshop Planning Committees that work with the TCC staff to help plan upcoming workshops in 5 technology areas (energy, human systems, information technologies, life sciences and manufacturing).  For each workshop, a Program Committee is formed that helps TCC staff create the workshop's agenda and invites speakers.  Anyone can volunteer to serve on one of these workshop committees.