Water Quality & Purification Workshop – Call for Presenters

The Program Committee is now recruiting presenters for the October 23 Water Quality & Purification Workshop, hosted by Ecolab in Sugar Land.

Presentation topics to be covered at the workshop, may include:

  • Water treatment & reuse
    • Recycle & reuse of hydraulic fracturing flow back water
    • Offshore water & wastewater management
    • International space station water reclamation system
    • Grey water reclamation
    • Dual water distribution system: Potable & nonpotable applications
  • Desalination & concentrate management
    • Next generation RO membranes
    • Novel desalination processes
    • Hypersaline wastewater & concentrate management
  • Water quality monitoring
    • Digitalization
    • Sensors and monitoring devices
    • Emerging contaminants
  • Water efficiency in industrial processes
    • Monitoring of water use
    • Smart water systems

Any organization can request an opportunity to present their latest technologies or unmet challenges related to water quality & purification, by submitting a Presenter Request.

If this topic is of strong interest to your organization, please volunteer to join the Program Committee and help recruit quality presenters for the workshop by submitting a Workshop Committee Sign-Up request.

The afternoon program will include interactive sessions related to the TCC’s project to form a long term partnership related to water technologies.  More details will be provided later.  If your organization may be interested in joining this partnership, please contact the TCC about getting involved in this strategic challenge.

The TCC is now accepting registrations for the workshop.  Tickets are $100, with TCC members eligible for a 50% discount.  A combination TCC Individual membership and ticket is available for $150, which includes member discounts for TCC workshops over the next year.  To attend the workshop, please register and purchase a ticket.