TCC News – New Website/Domain & Wearable Technologies Workshop Updates

Today’s Technology Collaboration Center News

  • TCC’s New Website and Domain Name
  • Wearable Technologies Workshop Updates
  • TCC’s 2018 Programs
  • Workshop Planning

TCC’s New Website and Domain Name

The TCC has shifted to using a new domain name,, replacing the domain used since the TCC’s launch in 2015 (  Along with the new domain name, the TCC has released a new website.  The old domain name ( now forwards to the new domain ( for e-mail and website.

Wearable Technologies Workshop Updates

Twenty-one (21) university student and startup teams have registered to participate in the Wearable Technologies Workshop Challenge program on Monday, April 23, demonstrating proof-of-concept prototypes for real-world challenges.  The team assignments are posted on the TCC’s website – Blumio, Boise State University (3 teams), North American University, Pratt Institute (4 teams), Rice University, SenceTech, SOL Cuff Technologies, Texas A&M University, University of Alaska Fairbanks (2 teams), University of Colorado at Boulder (2 teams), and University of Minnesota (5 teams).

With 11 team slots still available, the TCC will continue to accept Challenge Team registrations until all remaining slots have been allocated.  Any university, startup or other organization can register by clicking here.

The TCC’s website is now accepting registrations for the workshop, and requests for making presentations on April 24.  Tickets are $150 for the workshop, with tickets also available to attend only Day 1 ($50) and Day 2 ($100).  Members are eligible for a 50% discount.

The Human Systems Workshop Planning Committee will be meeting next week to plan the agenda.  If your organization has a strong interest in wearable technologies, please get involved by registering to attend (click here), making a presentation (click here), or joining the planning committee (click here).

TCC’s 2018 Programs

The TCC’s Board of Directors met on January 17 to elect officers, make 2018 Board committee assignments, and approve the TCC’s 2018 Operating Plan.  This year, the TCC will hold or participate in at least 8 events and increase effectiveness of the Collaboration Concierge Service.  More information on the TCC’s Board of Directors is available on the TCC’s new website.

Workshop Planning

This year, the TCC has formed 5 Planning Committees to help plan workshops in major topic areas – energy, human systems, information technologies, life sciences and manufacturing.  Anyone can request to serve on the Planning Committees by registering through the TCC’s website (click here).

The Human Systems committee will meet on February 8 to begin planning of the April Wearable Technologies workshop, and decide on the additional workshops that will be scheduled from April 2018 through March 2019.  The other committees will meet soon to decide on workshops for the other topic areas.