TCC Holds first Onsite Seminar – Cross-Industry Collaboration – Imaging

One of the key objectives of the Technology Collaboration Center is to look at the similarities and differences on how technologies and processes that traverse across industries are managed. On September 27, 2019, the TCC held its first Onsite Seminar, hosted by Sudhir Pai (Chair, TCC Board of Directors), at Schlumberger WesternGeco, bringing together a cross industry audience exploring the use and challenges of imaging technologies across industries.

The importance of imaging technologies has been gaining prominence over the last few decades, particularly spectral imaging, which augments the spatial information spectroscopy enabling a broader discovery and diagnostic capability. The applications of these technologies are growing rapidly in a wide array of industries as their value proposition becomes more evident. The independent advances in these industries provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience across disciplines for mutual benefit to all.

For example, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) principles are used in the life sciences to understand better the raw findings of an x-ray image and are used in the energy industry to better understand the geophysical, geological and petrophysical aspects of rocks for better hydrocarbon exploration and production. Hyperspectral and multi-spectral imaging technologies are being used to explore biophysical processes in cancer cells, provide crucial information for precision agriculture, and provide a wealth of scientific and actionable knowledge on land usage, ocean conditions and air quality from space.

Three experts from their respective industries (Energy, Space and Life Sciences) presented and debated how they are using imaging technologies in their respective industries and more importantly how some of those concepts can be applicable to the other industries.

Imaging Workshop
Imaging Seminar

We want to thank the experts: Dr. Chuck Peng (Schlumberger-WesternGeco, Energy), Dr. Ashot Sargsyan (KBR, Aerospace/Life Sciences) and Dr. Tomasz Tkaczyk (Rice University, Academia/Life Sciences) for sharing great information.

We want to thank the moderators Cengiz Esmersoy (Schlumberger), Eugenia Bopp (KBR) and David Alexander (Rice University).

We want to thank TCC Board Member Maurice Nessim (Schlumberger-WesternGeco) for hosting the event.

Next steps:

The small steps taken with the Onsite Seminar will help lead to developing a short, medium and long term road map to establishing new cross-sector collaboration related to imaging. We expect interactions continuing as one on one with specific organizations as well as full blown industry initiatives leading to common theme workshops and specific discussions sessions in the future.

In 2020, the TCC is planning to host a workshop focused on imaging technologies and challenges, and launch one or more projects under the TCC’s new Strategic Challenge Service to form new cross-industry partnerships.

If your organization is developing or using imaging technologies, and you’re interested in participating in the TCC’s upcoming imaging workshop or becoming part of a Strategic Challenge imaging partnership, please contact Bob Prochnow (TCC Executive Director) for more information.

The TCC is also able to host Onsite Seminars focusing on other cross-industry technology topic areas such as automation/platform of the future or resilient/renewable energy.  Organizations interested in hosting an Onsite Seminar, exploring a key technology topic area, please contact Bob for more details.