TCC Announces Presentations and new Challenge Discussions Session for AR/VR Workshop

The TCC has announced the presentations scheduled for the May 22 Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Workshop.  There are a few presentation slots still available, if you are interested, please contact the TCC before all slots have been assigned.

Based on feedback from last week’s Wearable Technologies Workshop (hosted by the NASA Johnson Space Center), the agenda for the AR/VR workshop has been modified to add a group discussion session on Common Challenges.  During this session, attendees and presenters will discuss areas of common challenges related to AR/VR and possibilities of working together to overcome those challenges.

While last year’s workshops were successful in helping to create new relationships between attendees (over 40% of attendees of TCC workshops have created new relationships), adding this group discussion session should help those organizations with unmet challenges increase their opportunity for finding new partners at the workshop.