TCC Accepts 8 Challenges for 2019 Wearable Technologies Workshop

The TCC has accepted 8 Challenges for the 2019 Wearable Technologies Workshop Challenge Program.

NASA Johnson Space Center (6 requests), Patagoni and VF Corporation has provided real-world challenges for university student or startup teams to develop proof-of-concept prototypes to present and demonstration on the first day of the Wearable Technologies Workshop, to be held on April 29 & 30, hosted by the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Because Challenge Teams assignments to universities and startups will not begin until January 1, the deadline for submitting Challenge Requests and for universities to register has been extended until December 31.

If your organization has an unmet wearables challenge, this program provides a great opportunity to get a new perspective on potential solutions.  There is no charge for organizations to participate in this program, other than provide some advice (over phone, e-mail or video conference) to the assigned teams, and purchasing a ticket for the workshop.

For university and startup teams, there is no for participating in this program, other than purchasing discounted challenge team tickets for the workshop (either day 1 only, or both days).  Working on these challenges provides an opportunity to work with some great organizations on their real-world problems.

More details for the workshop will be provided in January, along with a call for presentations (for Day 2) and the ability to purchase tickets for the workshop.

Please visit the workshop’s web page for the latest information on the workshop.