SpaceCom 2018 – Limited Number of TCC Member Discounted Tickets Available

The TCC has a limited number of $150 discounted tickets available only to TCC Members, while the supply lasts.

If you are part of a TCC Member organization or a TCC Individual Member, contact the TCC about the details.

TCC Memberships are $100 for individuals, $500 for small businesses and $5000 for large businesses, per year.  Academic institutions, federal labs and non-profits may qualify for membership through an in-kind contribution.  In addition to qualifying for the deeper SpaceCom 2018 discount, TCC members qualify for half price TCC workshop tickets.  TCC Member organizations are invited to participate on the TCC’s Advisory Council to provide input on the TCC’s strategy, and, depending upon membership level, may also have representation on the TCC’s Board of Directors.  Please visit the TCC’s website or contact the TCC for more information on membership.