P&G Submits New Collaboration Request – Deadline January 8, 2019

P&G has submitted a new Collaboration Request to the TCC for Sensors for Healthy Monitoring in Indoor Environments (SHM), with a deadline of January 8, 2019 for responses.

P&G is looking for partners with new sensors or sensor systems for detecting microbial density and/or population in private residences, group living homes, cars, office buildings, and other public gathering spaces. For example, they expect an effective biosensor would be able to detect microbial density at levels as low as 103 cfu/m3 in air or 102 cfu/cm2 on surface quantitatively, with the structure of the microbial population qualitatively (who are they, and their relative abundance). Their primary interest is in detection technology/products which focus on harmful bacteria and/or molds. However, they are also interested in technology for detection of harmful viruses (recognizing that these may be quite different technical approaches).

If your organization, or anyone you know, may be interested in partnering with P&G, please contact the TCC for assistance in preparing a Collaboration Response.