IoT & Cybersecurity Workshop Details Announced

The Technology Collaboration Center will hold a workshop on IoT (Internet of Things) & Cybersecurity technologies on January 17, 2019, hosted by Ecolab in Sugar Land, with presentations on the latest technology developments or unmet challenges.

This workshop will include presentations across multiple technology sectors, including energy, life sciences, space, manufacturing, smart city & smart home, which may come from companies, startups, universities, research institutions or government labs.

Presentations may cover sensors, applications, power, connectivity, development tools, cybersecurity, RFID, packaging, asset tracking, big data, AI, 5G connectivity and other topics related to IoT or cybersecurity. Any organization can request an opportunity to present their latest technology advances or unmet needs in this area.

The four scheduled presentation panel sessions are: Sensors; Long Range, Low Power, Wireless Connectivity; Low Power Sources & Geo Tagging; and IoT Cybersecurity.

TCC workshops are designed to explore potential relationships with others attending the workshop that may have common interests in the workshop topic area.

If your organization is interested in IoT or cybersecurity, please register for the workshop or request an opportunity to make a presentation.

Please contact the TCC about submitting a Collaboration Request or for workshop sponsorship opportunities.