First Scheduled Presentations Announced for March 25 Imaging Technologies Workshop

The TCC has announced the first set of scheduled presentations for the Imaging Technologies Workshop to be held on March 25, hosted by Schlumberger.

Presentation panels are planned for:

  • Bridging the cross-industry imaging technology gap
  • Image acquisition – from signals to images
  • Imaging applications and analysis

Presentations are scheduled from KBR Wyle (TCC Member), Rice University (TCC Member), UT Health, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center (TCC Member), and WesternGeco Schlumberger (TCC Member).  Additional presentations will be announced soon.

If imaging is a key technology area for your organization, please consider making a presentation on your unmet technology challenges or latest technology developments by submitting a presentation request through the TCC’s website.

The TCC is now accepting registrations for the workshop.  Tickets are $150, with TCC members eligible for a 50% discount.  For $225, a TCC Individual Membership and workshop ticket can be purchased, providing member discounts for workshop tickets over the next year.

For more information on the workshop, please click here.