Exploration EVA Workshop

The Technology Collaboration Center, in partnership with the NASA Johnson Space Center, will hold a 3 day Exploration EVA (ExtraVehicular Activity) Workshop on February 19-21, 2019, at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

  • Day 1: NASA will present their plans for future lunar and mars missions and their strategy for next generation spacesuits
  • Day 2: TCC will host presentations from NASA and other organizations on the latest technologies & unmet challenges related to exploration EVA and spacesuits
  • Day 3: NASA will host a series of discussion sessions on specific areas of interest related to exploration EVA

If your organization is interested in exploration EVA or spacesuit technologies, please visit the TCC’s website to register for the workshop, request an opportunity to make a presentation on Day 2, or volunteer to serve on the workshop’s Day 2 Program Committee.