TCC MEMBER Community response to COVID-19

                          The TCC will update this page with resources for COVID-19 response from TCC member community.


Manufacturers Selected for NASA JPL's VITAL Ventilator For COVID-19 Patients

TCC community member, Stark Industries, a Columbus, Ohio based healthcare research and consulting company is among the eight US manufacturers selected for NASA JPL’s VITAL licenses.

DIY FAce shield Design 

DIY Face Shield Made of Light Plastic

                                              NASA Technologies available for partnership                                                     

Contact for information or partnership opportunities for the following:

  • Technology for quick detection of the herpes virus from a saliva sample.  Access to inventors who can provide lessons learned and additional information with potential methodologies applicable to rapid saliva-based test for the COVID-19 virus.
  •  “VO2 Max Calculator” software available for free. Created by physical conditioning experts, the algorithm can calculate “VO2 Max” without having the patient exercise or blow into anything.  May save time, equipment, and provide info that may not be possible to obtain while a patient is sick.
  •  “Multifunctional Coating for Surfaces and Fabrics” An antimicrobial coating that can be applied to hard and flexible surfaces. Additional technologies for antimicrobial dust filters and trash/waste bags is available.  Potential to partner with inventors to test antiviral capabilities.
  • “Non-Thermal Sanitation by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (NTSAPP)” A device that generates a room-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma from ambient air. The antimicrobial properties of the plasma sanitize the food items with minimal impact to food quality.  The unit might be able to safely sanitize used masks and other PPE quickly.  Reports and leads for utilizing cold plasma for respirator facemask sterilization and re-use are available.
  • Do-it-yourself face shield made of light plastic. Click here for open source design for a DIY face shield.