Launching in 2019, a new program will help organizations sharing major technology challenges form new collaboration partnerships, likely across technology sectors.  The TCC will facilitate formation of the partnership, and then help the partnership build momentum towards solving the technology problems and bringing the solutions to market.  One or more pilot projects will be selected for this new program.

The details of this program are under development by the Collaboration Committee formed by the TCC’s Board of Directors.  The TCC’s assistance will be in two phases:

  • The Strategic Challenge will be submitted to the TCC for assistance.  Upon acceptance by the TCC, a panel will be formed for this challenge, which will work with the TCC on the strategy for identifying and recruiting organizations that could join the new partnerships.  The TCC may host a series of conference calls, meetings or workshops, as determined by the panel.
  • Upon formation of the new partnership, the TCC will provide assistance through the TCC’s programs, posting Collaboration Requests through the Collaboration Concierge Service, and hosting conference calls, meetings or workshops, helping to build momentum for the new partnership.

The Collaboration Committee is considering pilot projects based on strategic challenges identified by the TCC’s member Advisory Council:

  • Autonomous rig/rig of the future – technologies supporting future oil rigs or platforms, which may also apply to challenges in other industries
  • Resilient/renewable energy – challenges for the next step in evolution of energy and power systems
  • Water quality & purification – challenges faced by many technology sectors and industries related to quality of water supplies and improvements in purification
  • Imaging - improving the collection, storage and processing of image data

The committee may also consider additional strategic challenges submitted to the TCC for pilot projects in 2019.

If your organization has major technology challenges, shared with other organizations, and you’re interested in forming a partnership to work together on solving these challenges and bringing the solutions to market, possibly across multiple technology sectors or industries, then contact the TCC for the current status of this program and get involved in the selection of the first pilot projects.