Request ID:  HGPP
Request Title:  Herb/Grain Processing & Packaging
Submitting Organization:  Proctor & Gamble
Response Deadline:  December 16, 2019
Conference Call:  December 3, 2019

Herb/Grain Processing & Packaging
(Sanitization, Milling, Agglomeration, Blending)

Need Description:

  • P&G is interested in both the technology approaches and potentially an Asia centric sourcing for large scale treatment of Herb/Grain based materials in preparation for use in Dietary Supplement, Food and Drug centric products. This encompasses approaches to sanitization to meet at least 3 log reduction in aerobic plate count, milling to two different median particle sizes <600um, <200um, non solvent based agglomeration & drying, finished product blending for content uniformity.

What P&G is looking for:

  • Scope of Herb/Grain manipulation (sanitization, milling, agglomeration, blending) from field to product processor
    • Maintains natural / organic status
    • May not be organic
  • Core technologies and capital investment used for each of these stages
  • Range of capabilities and capacities (bench, pilot plant, mfg scale)
  • Sourcing locations
  • Approach to supply chain pest

P&G is NOT interested in:

  • Chemical or Ionization sanitization,
  • Solvent based agglomeration

Please note that only non-confidential information describing the innovation with current IP status can be accepted for review.