Request ID:  AP/DO Body Care Sprays
Request Title:  Technology Innovation for Antiperspirant/Deodorant (AP/DO) or Body Care Sprays
Submitting Organization:  P&G


Underarm and Body Sprays are a growing form across the globe, and particularly in North America (NA) where it has grown ~30% over the past 3 years.

Sprays offer a unique “non-contact” application and skin feel experience that some consumers prefer. They also offer the delivery of ingredients to wider surface areas (e.g. delivery of fragrance via Body Sprays). Traditionally sprays have used hydrocarbon-based propellants for ideal spray performance. With increasing safety and environmental regulations, cost of packaging, filling, transportation, storage of propellants have increased. And now more and more consumers are seeking safer and environmentally responsible alternatives.


AP/DO spray innovation (ideally non-hydrocarbon propellent) to improve the superiority and consumer delight of P&G’s Sprays line-up across the globe (specific focus on NA market/compliance). Looking for proposals with innovation/solution in  both  

  • Packaging - Functional performance enablement or new delivery mechanisms compliant with current and anticipated US and Canada regulations, etc.
  • Formula - Irresistible consumer experience with performance superiority and not containing any "no-no" ingredients.


  • Compliant w/ current and anticipated US (all States) and Canada regulations through 2030 (specifically CARB, including e-commerce). Regional Solutions also desired (compliant in most/all global markets).
  • Holistically Designed: Product, Package & Manufacturing solution
  • Attractive business/cost proposition: Material, Capital & Manufacturing costs/investments that enable long-term profitability.