New Collaboration Request Submitted From P&G: AP/DO or Body Care Sprays 

The TCC is continuously accepting new Collaboration Requests.  After review by the TCC, the Requests are posted on the TCC's website, and available for any organization interested in working on the project to submit a Collaboration Response to the TCC.  The TCC will review submitted Responses and forward them to the organization submitting the Request, who will decide which partners to include in their collaboration.

Many of the solutions for the open collaboration requests could have additional applications beyond the submitting organization's interests.  If there are secondary applications of the solutions developed from the partnership, the response should also include a proposal on how the technology can be shared and deployed for those secondary applications.

For example, for the requests submitted by the NASA Johnson Space Center, many of the solutions to these problems will have applications beyond solving critical challenges for human spaceflight and could provide benefits to other groups like first responders or healthcare workers.

Open Collaboration Requests


******* From P&G: AP/DO or Body Care Sprays *******

From the NASA Johnson Space Center:

From Shell GameChanger:

Please send questions on open requests to

Organizations interested in proposing a partnership on any of the above requests should contact the TCC and prepare a Collaboration Response.  The TCC will review submitted responses and provide assistance in pursuing a potential partnership.