The TCC’s mission is to solve difficult technology problems through innovative solutions connecting collaboration partners across technology sectors.

The Collaboration Concierge Service is the TCC's program for helping organizations with unmet technical challenges find potential partners and providing assistance in the formation of new collaboration partnerships.

This program is open to any organization – to submit Collaboration Requests (looking for partners) or Collaboration Responses (proposing solutions).

Organizations submit Collaboration Requests (using a supplied form) to the TCC. The request describes the problem to be solved, along with critical items such as the potential for sharing of Intellectual Property or how the collaboration could be funded. While collaborations created by Requests may be fully funded by the submitting organization, responders may also be asked to include a proposal for how the collaboration could be funded as part of their Response.

New Requests are submitted for review by the TCC, which will provide advice on improvements on the request before the request is accepted by the TCC.  The Request will then be posted on the TCC’s website and included in a TCC News announcement.  The TCC may also form an expert panel to review new Requests and provide advice on potential solutions or partners.  Presentations on open Collaboration Requests may be made at relevant TCC workshops.

Any organization can submit a Collaboration Response (using a supplied form).  The TCC will review submitted responses, provide advice on improvements, and then forward the proposal to the Requesting organization.  The TCC will work with the Requesting organization on forming an effective partnership, that will both find solutions to the challenges and establish a path to market for those solutions.

Prior to TCC workshops, the TCC may issue a Call for Requests in a specific technology area; those requests will be highlighted at the workshop, helping to bring together organizations that may have solutions or could participate in a partnership to address the requests.  The TCC waives Collaboration Concierge Service fees for Requests submitted in conjunction with a TCC workshop.

Fees for using the TCC's Collaboration Concierge Service program are:

  • $250 per Collaboration Response, with the first response FREE
    • TCC Community Members get a second free response
  • $1,000 per Collaboration Request
  • $20,000 Success Fee per Request, upon execution of partnership agreement based upon a Collaboration Response

NOTE, TCC members may have the above fees waived, or discounted, based on their membership level, and the TCC will waive all fees (Request, Response and Success) for Requests or Responses submitted in conjunction with a TCC event.