Call for Workshop Presenters

The TCC has announced 5 workshops for early 2019, and is looking for presenters for each of the workshops.  If any of these topics areas are of interest to your organization, please consider making a presentation on your latest technology developments or unmet challenges related to the workshop topic area(s).  Presenters are provided complimentary tickets to the workshop, and can permit the TCC to post their presentations on the TCC’s website after the event.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Automation, AI & Robotics – March 27 & 28
  • Connected Devices & Remote Sensing – April 16
  • Wearable Technologies – April 30
  • Exploration EVA – date TBD
  • Data Analytics & Image Processing – date TBD

Presentations can be made by any organization, TCC membership is not required.

To request a presentation slot, please visit the Presenter Request page on the TCC’s website.