Call for Wearable Technologies Challenge Teams

The TCC has accepted 12 Challenges for the 2019 Wearable Technologies Workshop Challenge Program.

Devali (in partnership with Thorlo, 3 requests), NASA Johnson Space Center (6 requests), Patagoni, VF Corporation and VINNS have provided real-world challenges for university student or startup teams to develop proof-of-concept prototypes to present and demonstration on the first day of the Wearable Technologies Workshop, to be held on April 29 & 30, hosted by the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Challenge Teams can now request assignment to a Challenge.  Because Team registrations will continue through January 31, the TCC will continue accepting new Challenge Requests.

If your organization has an unmet wearables challenge, this program provides a great opportunity to get a new perspective on potential solutions.  There is no charge for organizations to participate in this program, other than provide some advice (over phone, e-mail or video conference) to the assigned teams, and purchasing a ticket for the workshop.

For university and startup teams, there is no cost for participating in this program, other than purchasing discounted challenge team tickets for the workshop (either day 1 only, or both days).  Working on these challenges provides an opportunity to work with some great organizations on their real-world problems.

Please visit the workshop’s web page for the latest information on the workshop.