Genie Bopp

Genie Bopp, Senior Operations Manager, Space and Mission Solutions for KBR, working on the Human Health and Performance Contract (HHPC) at the NASA Johnson Space Center.  Now semi- retired, she began at NASA JSC in 1987 in the Space Station Science Office, planning the Space Station Freedom experimental laboratory complement of hardware and analytical capabilities as well as the crew health care requirements.  She has managed departments and projects since 1994 in multiple areas including:  Flight Experiments Mission Manager for biomedical experiments on Space Shuttle, Medical Sciences Flight Projects Manager, Extended Duration Orbiter Medical Project Manager, Manager of the Space Medicine and Biomedical Research Department, and Director of Collaboration for HHPC.  She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and the University of Houston Executive Development Program.  She is a certified Kepner Tregoe Project Management Instructor. In 2011, she was elected Fellow of the Aerospace Medicine Association (AsMA).  She currently serves as  Treasurer/Secretary of the AsMA Foundation Board of Directors and also serves on the Advisory Council for SpaceCom.