The TCC concept arose after a series of high level meetings, focusing on how the community can more fully utilize the technological capabilities in the greater Houston region.  A shared interest among our communities is in the development of more efficient interdisciplinary approaches to real world problems, with the goal of bringing those solutions into practice and to the market.

And, while the initial focus on planning for the collaboration center was on building more partnerships within the Space, Medicine and Energy communities in the Houston area, the mission of the TCC was expanded to provide support for any technology and industry, involving organizations from any location.

In 2015, the TCC began operations as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, launching two programs, a Technology Workshop series and the Collaboration Concierge Service.  From 2015 through 2017, the TCC has hosted 10 workshops.

Through the Collaboration Concierge Service, the TCC helps organizations find potential collaboration partners, to help in solving difficult technology problems.

As an independent 501c3 non-profit organization, the TCC was established to be a member-driven organizations, with member representatives serving on the TCC's Board of Directors and Advisory Council, ensuring the TCC's strategy aligns with the needs of members and the community.

Board of Directors

The TCC's Board of Directors is composed of representatives nominated by TCC members.  The Board is the center's governing board, with overall responsibility for the center.  The Board annually elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and has two standing committees.  The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board between Board meetings.  The Membership Committee has responsibility for implementing the Membership program and approving new memberships on behalf of the Board.  The Board authorizes the Executive Director to manage the operations of the center, implementing the plans approved by the Board.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is composed of representatives from TCC member organizations, who will be consulted periodically on the TCC's programs and will meet at least annually to provide advice to the TCC's Board of Directors on the TCC's strategy and programs.


While TCC programs are open to any organization or individual, the TCC is structured to be a member-driven organization, with members directing the strategy of the center and receiving preferred access to the TCC's programs.  Members make annual contributions to support the TCC's programs.