Important Dates


April 27-28
Wearable Technologies
hosted by NASA Johnson Space Center



Imaging Technologies
hosted by Schlumberger


Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

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Onsite Seminars

In addition to technology workshops, the TCC can also hold Onsite Seminars exploring potential cross-industry collaboration.  These seminars are hosted at an organization's facilities, with an agenda tailored to that organization's specific interests in the technology area.  Experts are provided from the TCC community to make presentations on their perspectives of the technology area and challenges, along with panel and group discussions exploring areas of shared interest and potential collaboration.

The first Onsite Seminar was held on September 27, 2019, hosted at Schlumberger-WesternGeco, focusing on imaging technologies and cross-industry collaboration.

Contact for more information.

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In light of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, TCC has decided to postpone the upcoming Cross Industry Collaboration Workshop on Imaging to a later date.

Please check the workshop page for details.

Collaboration Concierge Service

The TCC is looking for potential partners for the following open Collaboration Requests:

Shell GameChanger (selected partner may qualify for $150,000 to $300,000 for proof of concept funding):

NASA Johnson Space Center:  5 open Collaboration Requests

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Strategic Challenge Service

The Strategic Challenge Service program helps organizations sharing major technology challenges form new collaboration partnerships, likely across technology sectors. The TCC will facilitate formation of the partnership, and then help the partnership build momentum towards solving the technology problems and bringing the solutions to market. The TCC is working to form new partnerships related to water quality & purification, imaging, automation/platform of the future and resilient/renewable energy.

At the October Water Quality & Purification Workshop, the TCC identified 28 areas for potential collaboration.  If you may be interested in participating in one of these collaborations, please complete the online form.

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Innovating Solutions through Collaboration

The Technology Collaboration Center is an independent 501c3 non-profit formed as a partnership between the NASA Johnson Space Center, industry and universities, solving difficult technology problems through innovative solutions by connecting collaboration partners from across technology sectors.

As a member-driven organization, TCC members participate on the Board of Directors and Advisory Council, aligning the TCC's mission and programs with the needs of members and the community.

Collaboration Strategy